This game is inspired by the Executive Orders governors have had to put in place to keep their state residents safe from the pandemic (ie wearing a mask, staying home when sick etc). Here’s a working title:Late Night Host Executive Orders. Once the host proclaims the executive order and signs…

Thank you to my neighbors upstairs for the free River Dance routine they perform every night while I’m relaxing. I love the anticipation that you one day will fall through my ceiling. Sincerely, John

Thank you to the deliver driver for punting my package like a football which landed at…

Coke is launching a new bottle size for the first time in a decade, which will be made of 100% recycled plastic. Don’t get too excited as Coke itself will remain toxic.

Grocery shopping amid this pandemic has been stressful. I mean it’s stressful enough as it is but now I have to be witness to your temper tantrum because you refuse to wear a mask. I’ll get to that point shortly.

Before this pandemic hit us with our pants down, grocery…

Danny Ainge, the general manager for the Boston Celtics, revealed in a recent interview what type of player they need to acquire before the NBA trade deadline. “A good one” he said.

A polar vortex is setting the stage for a crippling ice storm. The storm won’t be as paralyzing as the opening arguments form Trumps lawyers.

Target drops the brand Chaokoh coconut milk over allegations of using Monkey’s for labor. That’s funny because every time I shop there I feel like I’m in a zoo.

Residents of the Bronx will be able to get their Covid-19 vaccine shots at Yankee Stadium. Their shots will come with a beer and a hotdog.

Andy the Elf

By John Meehan

To whom it may concern…which is you Santa. I write this letter of with a heavy heart. This letter will serve as my two notice of resignation.

I Andy The Elf will be forever grateful for the opportunity you gave me to work in…

John Meehan

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